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SSAI secures win with city's new Fair Workweek Ordinance

After months of negotiations, SSAI secured a big win for thousands of workers and employers in Chicago by ensuring SSAI members and temporary staffing firms are not covered by the city's new Fair Workweek Ordinance. A big thank you to Mayor Lightfoot, Alderman Gil Villegas and all of the SSAI members, firms and lobbyists who spent countless hours working to protect the flexible schedules that drive our industry. 
"The temporary staffing industry appreciates Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her staff making several positive changes in the legislation. As one of Chicago's largest employers, our association seeks to provide high-quality jobs, wages and benefits for temporary workers and we hope to continue to work with the Mayor to foster a job-creating atmosphere in and around Chicago" -- Dan Shomon, spokesman for the Staffing Services Association of Illinois, a group representative Illinois owners of private staffing companies.

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