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Staffing Services Association endorses statewide minimum wage hike to $13 per hour by 2019

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois -- The Staffing Services Association of Illinois (SSAI), one of the largest employer organizations in Illinois, announced today that it supports raising the minimum wage for all Illinoisans immediately to $10.50 per hour to mirror the City of Chicago’s minimum wage.
The association supports a statewide minimum wage increase over the next three years that mirrors Chicago’s law and will increase wages to $13.00 per hour for all state residents by 2019.
The Staffing Services Association represents 25 independent, Illinois-owned temporary staffing firms that employ about 250,000 Illinoisans annually in the light industrial and manufacturing industry. The 250,000 temporary workers represent a diverse group of Illinois residents crossing all racial, ethnic, gender and age groups.
“Chicago’s minimum wage increase has lifted tens of thousands of workers out of poverty and we believe it would lift many more with a statewide increase,” SSAI President Ted Rigas said. “Staffing firms hope the Legislature and the Governor will pass a uniform minimum wage statewide at $10.50 per hour, going up to $13.00 per hour in 2019.”
Last month, Cook County commissioners approved raising the county's minimum wage to $13.00 and the proposal was approved by a committee on October 25. 
SSAI said it will work with the legislative sponsors of the minimum wage law, such as Assistant Majority Leader Kim Lightford, D-Maywood, to push for passage in the General Assembly.

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